About Clint

Clint is a Patent Attorney living in New York City.  Clint grew up in Bloomington, Illinois, completed his undergrad at the University of Missouri in Columbia and received his law degree from DePaul University in Chicago.  While attending law school in Chicago, Clint fell in love with city life around the same time he fell in love with Kelly.  A year after Kelly moved from Chicago to New York City upon her completion of college, Clint followed and has now been in New York for over four years.

Clint enjoys sports, outdoor activities, traveling, cooking and almost any social activity.  


About Kelly

Kelly is a wedding dress designer living in New York City.  Kelly grew up in Sandusky, Ohio and attended the International Academy of Design in Chicago where she received her Bachelors degree in Fine Art and studied Fashion.  Shortly after graduation in June 2007, Kelly moved to New York City to pursue her dream of designing wedding dresses.  Kelly has lived in New York City for over 5 years and has been designing her own line of wedding gowns for over three years now.

Kelly's interests include fashion, traveling, exercising, cooking, taking care of her dog Lizzy and almost any social activity.

How we met

August 2004- Chicago Illinois

Kelly had built a strong relationship with one of her fashion classmates Jessica (one of the Maid's of Honor). Jessica invited Kelly to go out to dinner with her and her friend Sean with whom she had gone to college with previously at Mizzou. Jessica had explained to Kelly that Sean and his new roomate Clint had just moved to the city from Missouri and she invited Kelly along to dinner.

On the flip side, Sean later that day invited Clint to join him for dinner with Sean's friend Jessica and her "hot" friend Kelly. Clint found that description to be very accurate and was smart enough not to let her get away.  Kelly and Clint had chemistry from the beginning, but they never would have guessed that after that night, seven years later that they would end up together forever.

They have very complementary personalities. Clint and Kelly are opposites in a number of ways, but share many interests and love to try almost anything together. 

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